Elizabeth Smith is a meteorologist working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies.

Recent updates:

I joined CIMMS as a post-doctoral researcher in December 2018. As a CIMMS scientist I will focus on development and deployment of NSSL boundary-layer profiling systems, as well as the exploration of experimental systems. My work will push for the advancement of our understanding of severe convective weather and the consideration of systems that could enhance the NOAA upper-air observing network.

In December 2018 I earned my Ph.D. in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, where I studied the nocturnal low-level jet in the US Great Plains using high-resolution observations in tandem with Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model simulations. As part of my dissertation work, I became involved with high-resolution boundary layer profiling platforms including the OU/NSSL Collaborative Lower Atmospheric Mobile Profiling System (CLAMPS) participating in PECAN, mini-MPEX, and Perdigao field campaigns. Before graduate study at OU, I earned a B.S. in Meteorology at the California University of Pennsylvania in 2014.

You can learn more about me and my work by taking a look at my CV, heading to my About Me page, or getting in touch.